"Inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me."  Matthew 25:40 

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Missions Trip to Kenya & Sudan

KENYA:  In Kenya, our team we will minister and work with
Rev. John and Sister Grace Kingatua, Director, AAVIA - Kenya; Dr. Brian Johnson; and Rev. Joseph Muhota in designated areas of service; e.g., orphans, widows, feeding program, mobile medical/health clinics, etc. in Nakuru, Nairobi, Mombasa, and Ilkiloret Kenya..  We will also minister in the Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya before traveling to South Sudan (Panyagor) to minister and work as outlined in the attached.


SUDAN:  3 of the Lost Boys of Sudan are members of our team, including Bro. Isaac Garang Kuir. Supplies to build an orphanage inside a compound will be purchased in Kenya.  Orphans and widows in South Sudan (Panyagor) will receive food, clothing, shelter, education, medical assistance, spiritual guidance, and vocational & agriculture training in a secure environment.   Local Sudanese are willing, able, and ready to assist with the construction of the compound for only $1 a day. 

New Birth Missions & AAVIA Kenya & South Africa - 2005


 Special Sudan Support Request
Isaac Garang Kuir, Liaison to Sudan &
Rosetta Davis, Adopt A Village In Africa.

We greet you in Jesus’ name. Thank you for visiting our website to learn more about the work the Lord has called us to do in Africa through the Adopt a Village in Africa ministry.

The mission of Adopt a Village in Africa (AAVIA) is to take the gospel of the Kingdom and support to the orphans, widows, families and villages devastated by war, poverty and HIV/AIDS. This letter is to request financial and spiritual support.

Our mission for Adopt a Village in Africa - Sudan is in its beginning phase. We are planning our Phase One mission’s trip to South Sudan July 11-August 10 of this year. There, we will begin the construction of a compound to provide support to orphans and widows, the elderly, families, and villages devastated by 21 years of civil wars and diseases.

The compound will house classrooms, offices, dormitories to accommodate 200 students, a medical facility, staff housing, a counseling room, vocational and agricultural training areas, a guest house, pit latrines, bathrooms, a store, a kitchen and a dinning hall. We currently have a native team of men who are preparing for the construction by acquiring local materials and other resources for building the compound.

Our US AAVIA - Sudan Mission Team includes three (3) Sudanese Lost Boys. They have been, from the US, and will continue when in Sudan, to work with our team of twelve (12) Sudanese in Kenya and Sudan who are leading the planning, coordination, and implementation phases of our work there.

This missions trip will also include ministry in Kenya and the Kakuma Refugee Camp where thousands of Sudanese are waiting to return to their homeland. The timing of this trip and the building of the Compound, are very important. On December 17, 2005, the United Nations repatriated scores of South Sudanese refugees from the northern refugee camps. This was the beginning of a program offering hundreds of thousands of war exiles a chance to go home. With a peace deal enabling the five million Sudanese displaced abroad or internally to consider going back to Southern Sudan, UN officials say the voluntary returns could turn into one of the biggest refugee operations the world has ever seen.

As thousands return to Southern Sudan, the need for resources is great. With your help, next month, Adopt a Village in Africa - Sudan will begin providing many of the much needed resources to Southern Sudan. The Compound will be a great source for primary health care, HIV/AIDS awareness, counseling, and education. But we need your financial assistance.

Please make a generous donation to Adopt a Village in Africa today. Your financial assistance will go toward this missions trip and the building of the Compound in Southern Sudan. When Nehemiah received the information about Jerusalem, his heart was broken and he entered a season of prayer. He did not turn back until he had finished the mission God had given him. In this same way, we ask that you receive the situation of the people of Southern Sudan, who are suffering from diseases, war, poverty, hunger and spiritual lack. We believe your heart will be broken and you will pray for them and get involved in reaching them with their needs and indeed with the Gospel of Jesus Christ—you will not turn back.

AAVIA shall finish this mission with your help. May God bless you and this Nation.  Please read more about Sudan below and give a generous donation now!


Isaac Garang Kuir, Liaison - AAVIA ~ Sudan
Rosetta Davis, Founding President ~ Adopt A Village In Africa


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