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African Missions Awareness Workshop - 2006

Thank you for attending The Adopt-A-Village-In-Africa Team (AAVIA) Africa Missions Awareness Workshop, held Tuesday, March 7, 2006, 1:45pm - 3:15pm at St. James Missionary Baptist Church, 600 28th Avenue, Nashville, TN. 
The AAVIA Missions Awareness Workshop was held in conjunction with Tennessee State Representative Henri E. Brooks' 14th Annual African American Church Day on Capitol Hill (8:00am - 3:30pm).

Minister Richard Coleman, Director of Missions at Newbirth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, GA., where Bishop Eddie Long is the Sr. Pastor, was our keynote speaker and workshop facilitator.

In addition to receiving information and resources on Africa, you heard first hand from AAVIA Sudan Liaison and Murray State student
Gabriel Akec, as he shared his country's history, his experience as one of the Lost Boys of Sudan and the need for African-American missionaries to Sudan.


Minister Richard O. Coleman

Keynote Speaker & Workshop Facilitator

Director of Missions
New Birth  Missionary Baptist Church
Lithonia, Georgia

As Director of Missions at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church (Bishop Eddie L. Long, Sr. Pastor)  in Lithonia, Georgia,  Minister Richard Coleman:  

  • Represents the church and its pastor in internationally related causes

  • Plans and leads international short-term missions trips 2-3 times per year

  • Teaches a 6-10 week Intro. to Missions class three times per year for church lay members

  • Counsels individuals interested in missions, as well as individuals needing spiritual guidance 

  • Creates for the congregation an awareness of cultural diversity and international events

  • ·Facilitates fundraisers,  equipment and supply drives for local and international causes

Skills Developed: Counseling, Conflict Resolution, Event Planning, Team Leadership

Assistant Director of Missions, New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, Lithonia, Georgia. 6/2003-12/2003

  • Orchestrated a joint international missions conference shared by eight churches

  • Responded to international inquiries directed to both the senior pastor and the church

  • Maintained communication with church-supported missionaries

Skills Developed: Event Planning, Administration

Regional Coordinator, Oral Roberts University Missions Department, Tulsa, Oklahoma. 8/2001-5/2002 & 8/2002-5/2003 

  • Conducted workshops and team-building activities for college-aged short-term missionaries

  • Planned short-term missions trips

  • ·Trained and mentored short-term missions team leaders

Skills Developed: Team Development, Leadership Development

Teacher’s Assistant, Oral Roberts University (Undergraduate Theology Department), Tulsa, Oklahoma. 6/2001-8/2001

  • Helped students with their homework assignments

  • Graded research papers, book critiques, and short essays using the Turabian style guide

Skills Developed: Grading papers,


Oral Roberts University—Tulsa, OK

M. Div., May 2003, 3.96 GPA

Oral Roberts University—Tulsa, OK

B.A. Biblical Literature-New Testament, May 2000, 3.98 GPA

Morehouse College—Atlanta, GA

1996-1997, Biology Major (transferred)


Organizations and Activities

Adopt A Village In Africa

Missions workshop facilitator

Conference speaker

Africa Missions Trips Partner/Team Leader

World Parish Ministries

Instructor for Global Focus Seminar led by

Jackie Robinson Foundation

(scholar and alumnus)



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Gabriel Akec

Speaker- Representing Isaac Kuir, AAVIA Sudan Liaison

Murray State student Gabriel Akec knows firsthand about the terror ensuing in Darfur. A Sudanese student, Akec lived in the Panyondo Refugee Camp in Ethiopia beginning in 1987. “When I went to Ethiopia, the first few weeks were really bad and tough because we did not have food, water and clothing,” Akec explained. “We had to live on leaves from trees that we gathered and cooked in order to survive. Health conditions were terrible due to the poor condition of living. During that time, we saw unforgettable tragedy. Ten to 20 children died from hunger and disease every single day.”

Two months after entering the refugee camp, they received food and medicine from the United Nations. Things were going better for the refugees for about four years, until 1991, when they were forced from their camp, Akec said. “When we were forced to leave Ethiopia, it took us a while to walk to Kenya,” Akec remembered. “We finally arrived at Kakuma Refugee Camp. This time, living conditions were much better for the first few months. The United Nations was providing enough food, and was building schools and clinics.”

However, Akec explained, after a few months, “living conditions began to decline and deteriorated beyond human standard of living. We had to eat once a day or maybe three times a week, or some spent two to three days without eating if they were not fortunate enough. Water, medicine and school materials were scarce. It is tough to live as a refugee because living is just a matter of sustaining life.”

Akec was finally able to leave the camp in 2001, when he came to the United States. His entire family was scattered in 1987 when they were forced into the refugee camps. His mother was sent to a camp in Southern Sudan, and he has not seen her since then. After coming to the U.S., Akec was able to send money to his cousin in order to find his mother and take her to Kenya. He is able to talk to her on the phone, even though he has not seen her for almost two decades.

“I feel great and proud about the Students Against Genocide organization at Murray State University in particular. It means a lot to care for others, and as a Christian, I think that Matthew 25:35-36 in the Bible reflects exactly what SAG is doing. I know that the people of Sudan will not reward them,” Akec said, “but God will reward them for their work.”

Akec is also very appreciative of MSU and the Murray community as a whole. “I am thankful to them for taking a lead to stand up against one of the worst crimes going on today in my country. I am thankful for SAG and I am proud to be part of it,” he said.

During the week, Students Against Genocide is sponsoring several different events to increase awareness on the genocide in Darfur. From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 6 through Friday, Feb. 10, a photo gallery and workshop will be set up in the Curris Center Dance Lounge featuring information on Darfur. A silent auction to raise money for the International Rescue Committee will be held the entire week, also from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. in the Curris Center Dance Lounge.

On Monday at 6:30 p.m. in Mason Hall, a Frontline World News Video, Sudan: The Quick & The Terrible, will be shown. On Tuesday, Zeen Shatta and Brent Snader will speak on the history of Sudan and the Darfur genocide as part of the Humanities and Fine Arts Cultural Enrichment Series. The discussion will take place at 5 p.m. in the Curris Center Theater.

In Wrather Museum on Wednesday, Feb. 8, at 3:30 p.m., a speaker panel on Options for Action will meet. Emanuel Uwalaka, Klint Alexander and Gabriel Akec will speak on humanitarian intervention, student activism and possible political solutions to the Darfur genocide. After the panel convenes, Staci Stone will lead a letter-writing workshop to Congress and the United Nations in Business Building Room 251.

Thursday at 5 p.m. in the Freed Curd Auditorium, Gabriel Akec will tell his personal story of living in Sudanese refugee camps. Also, on Thursday and Friday, the Curris Center Theater’s Cinema International will show Lost Boys of Sudan at 7:30 p.m. nightly.

Students Against Genocide is raising money for the International Rescue Committee, which provides food, water, medication and education to the refugees in Darfur. Any donations are welcome.

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New Birth Missions & Adopt a Village in Africa ~ Partners in Missions
Team Kenya & South Africa 2005 (July 20 - August 2, 2005


Written by Minister Richard Coleman

The New Birth team of 17, along with Ida Johnson of California, left for Nairobi, Kenya on July 20, 2005. Prior to our arrival in Kenya, we had a 24-hour layover in Johannesburg, South Africa. Theteam went on a tour of Soweto, which included the Hector Pieterson Museum and Nelson Mandela’s former home.

On July 22nd, the team took a Kenya Airways flight to Nairobi, Kenya because South African Air employees went on strike. After spending the evening in Nairobi, the team left for Nakuru on the 23rd. Upon our arrival at the Rift Valley Sports Club (our hotel), we had lunch and attended a presentation designed to give us a brief taste of Kenyan history and culture. Several local actors later came and performed an impromptu comedy, celebrating the birthday of one of our teammates, Barbara Winters.

On Sunday, July 24th, I split the team into 4 groups. Each one of the groups went to one of 4 churches—AIC Shabab, Agape, Christco, or Four Square. Team members preached, sang, or gave a testimony at the church services. Later in the afternoon, four members of the team attended a young adults fellowship at AIC Shabab, where they ministered in the form of a group panel.

The team split into 3 groups on July 25th and 26th and went to Lanet, Langalanga, and Bondeni hospitals/clinics. The 6 healthcare professionals on the team worked with local medical professionals to give free medical consultation to approximately 5,000 people. Unfortunately, many of the people were not able to afford the medicine needed for their illnesses. The average person makes less than $1 per day. They’re so poor they can’t even purchase a mosquito net. Due to the high number of malaria cases, Chantell Christopher was moved to purchase 150 mosquito nets, which were distributed equally among all 3 of the clinics. While the medical professionals did check-ups, the other team members either assisted with the clinics in non-medical ways and/or did children’s ministry. After work on July 25th, the team attended a dinner hosted by the mayor of Nakuru. The event included dancers and drummers, music by a local choir, speeches, food, and fellowship. It was lots of fun. 

July 27th began with a morning safari and breakfast. The safari was at the Lake Nakuru National Park. Because of our service to the community, the government gave us a special rate at the park. We saw monkeys, baboons, giraffes, rhinos, flamingos, pelicans, and other kinds of animals; but the lions were nowhere to be found. Following safari, the team met with the mayor of Nakuru in his office. The team then went shopping in the local market and drove back to Nairobi. Prior to leaving, I presented the BEL Bondeni Maternity Hospital with $800 to be used for medicine. The money came from revenue generated from the “New Birth” lithographs (Roederick Vines’ artwork).

On July 28th and 29th, the team worked with local Kenyans and other missionaries to vaccinate over 200 young people at 2 different orphanages in Nairobi. The first orphanage, called Good Samaritan, is in Mathere, the second largest slum area in Kenya. The second orphanage is called Shangalia, and it is a place dedicated toward developing orphans in the arts. While the healthcare workers gave shots, the rest of the team did children’s ministry and interacted with the orphanage staff. Also, on the 29th, 3 team members worked at St. Mary’s, a hospital that is a model for the Bishop Eddie Long Maternity Hospital. After ministry on the 29th, the team went to the famous Carnivore Restaurant and sampled meats such as camel, crocodile, and ostrich. 

Prior to taking a late afternoon flight to Johannesburg, S. Africa, the team went to Ngong Hills to visit Grace King’atua and Adopt-A-Village In Africa. The team presented hungry children and grandmothers with corn meal at an informal service. Then, we went to the Adopt-A-Village In Africa headquarters, where we ate lunch and shopped to support the orphanages. We also left a donation to purchase beans for the poor children, who are protein deficient. 

The team arrived in Johannesburg, S. Africa on the night of July 30th. The following morning, the team split into 2 groups to minister at church services in the townships. The first team went to Pretoria, and the other went to Tembisa. Both teams ministered through song, preaching, prayer, and/or testimonies. Following service, the Tembisa team attended a large political event at a soccer stadium and had the opportunity to address the crowd. After a quick lunch, the team raced to the airport and waited in line for 3 hours, only to find that the airline gave our seats away. Two team members made the flight home. The rest of us were sent to Birchwood Executive Hotel, where we had a wonderful stay. All expenses were paid by South African Air. On August 1st, the team spent the entire day at the airport and caught the night flight back to Atlanta. We arrived home on the morning of August 2nd.

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TEAM KENYA 2005 - Photo Gallery




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Adopt a Village in Africa Conference 2005 - Kenya & The African Tsunami

Saturday, May 21, 2005 - 10:00 A.M. – 2:00 P.M.
John Henry's Restaurant & Showcase

State Representative
Henri E. Brooks
Honorary Chairperson
Rosetta Davis
Wanjiku Grace Kingatua
AAVIA Kenya Liaison


Thank your for participating in our first “Adopt a Village In Africa” conference featuring the nation of Kenya, where you heard first hand from Adopt A Village In Africa Kenya liaison, Wanjik? Grace King'atua and you were introduced to other members of Adopt A Village in Africa. Terry and June Neu from the U.S. Center for World Mission--Nashville Office provided information about Perspectives, a life-changing study program developed by the U. S. Center for World Mission in Pasadena, California.  Over 55,000 alumni have taken the course throughout the U.S. and in many other countries.  Our event speakers included Minister Richard Coleman, Director of Missions, Newbirth Missionary Baptist Church, Lithonia, GA (Bishop Eddie Long, Sr. Paster); and Dr. Ben Johnson, missions instructor, author, singer, and servant.

As you know, on December 26, 2004, there were seven African countries affected by the Indian Ocean Tsunami which was later re-named the Asian Tsunami.  We thank Tennessee State Representative Larry J. Miller for introducing and passing House Joint Resolutions acknowledging the impact of the Asian Tsunami on each each of the seven countries.  The seven African countries are:

  • Kenya,

  • Tanzania,

  • Seychelles,

  • Somalia,

  • Mauritius,

  • Reunion, and

  • Madagascar.

Somalia was strongly hit by the Indian Ocean Tsunami.  There was no government in place in Somalia--the incoming government official were living in neighboring Kenya because of the 13 year old civil war.  The people of Somalia, therefore, did not have a government to respond to their needs.  Over 50,000 people were displaced. 

Please Support these African Countries through Adopt A Village In Africa. 

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View the Photo Gallery from this event.


Omar Harbison, Atlanta, GA; Rosetta Davis, Nashville, TN and Grace Kingatua, Ngong Hills Kenya.


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 Adopt a Village in Africa (AAVIA) Kenya Liaison, Grace Kingatua, Travels to the United State - 2005


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